November 13, 2023

Pinelands clean up.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Successful Cleanup Effort and Community Respect Showcased at the Pinelands clean up in Shamong, NJ

      Tread Lightly, Open Trails NJ, Quadratec, the Wharton Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and Pine Barren Venom Jeep Club recently organized cleanup efforts in the Pinelands of NJ. Meeting up at the famous “Pic-A-Lilli Inn” in Shamong NJ. Inspiring words and important information on this day were spread to participants. Proper, responsible, lawful usage of the forest were a top priority. Teaching the importance of properly using the Forest and recreational areas. Explaining the importance of leaving no trace, taking out more than you entered with and knowing how to spot and stay clear of sensitive forestry areas were all the buzz. This group of volunteers demonstrated the community’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area. The event, aimed at promoting responsible travel, usage, and off-roading, left us pleased with the results.

Putting what you learned to good use!

As volunteers traversed the named legal roadways, it was heartening to observe the minimal presence of trash. This is a good indication of a conscientious effort by drivers and users of the forest system to maintain the pristine condition of the environment. This positive outcome reflects the shared responsibility of the off-roading community to leave no trace and uphold the principles of environmental stewardship.

The commendable behavior extended beyond the main roads to the narrow dirt trails cleaned on foot. Drivers on these unpaved roads displayed admirable courtesy. Every vehicle came to a halt, allowing fellow drivers, motorcyclists, and even those on horseback ample time and space to pass one another safely. This collective display of respect highlights the sense of camaraderie within the off-roading community, fostering a harmonious coexistence with other outdoor enthusiasts.

The success of the cleanup and the respectful conduct witnessed on the unpaved roads underscore the importance of responsible off-roading practices. Pine Barren Venom Jeep Club, along with Tread Lightly, Open Trails NJ, the Wharton Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and Quadratec, applaud the community’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the Pinelands in NJ. 

In conclusion

Through events like these, we not only remove tangible traces of human impact but also cultivate a culture of environmental awareness and mutual respect among off-roaders and the broader outdoor community. Teaching those who use the forest to keep clear of sensitive areas. Raising awareness of the correct lawful ways to enjoy the forest system will promote generations of proper responsible travelers. Days like this are what matter and prove there are plenty of people on the right side of the law who intend to keep responsible forest access alive and well.

To find out more about Quadratec and their 50 for 50 initiative, please click the link below.

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