Principles of our work



It’s our mission to provide a clean, healthy and enjoyable environment and experience within our club. We are a family oriented club that enjoys community outreach and being out in nature. We enjoy teaching the ropes of offroading and educating our youth to tread lightly and be aware of community and nature.



Our message is simple, give more than you receive, be proud of who you are, always lend a hand and be 100% transparent. It’s not about the banners,stickers or club you ride with, its the family atmosphere we are proud of. We are all one Jeep family. 



We strive to teach and be taught the past, present,  and future of the Jeep world and pass along the knowledge to all who need it. We look for new developments in our community and look to spread the word. We are always looking for advances in off road technologies, Jeep accessories, and gear.

You have a question? We can call you back.

Our achievements

4 years and growing
Multiple specialists throughout the club
Multiple projects and growing
Various awards

Why choose PBVJC

Brilliant team

Our team is ready to help Jeepers get out in the woods and the community. We pride ourselves in honesty and transparency.We even provide a club Chaplain for personal confidential help if needed.

Rich experience

PBV tries very hard to teach people of all ages the ropes of offroading. We have specific events for Jeepers of all ages and skill sets.


PBV tries very hard to be creative from events, rides, convoys, thing to do with the kids, Holidays, To shirts, hats, and swag.

Affordable prices

Pine barren VENOM Jeep Club is a free to join club. Click the FaceBook link above and join today!

We strongly believe in family values and we try to apply the same concept in all aspects of our Jeep club.

Steve & Erin Szabo

PBV Founders